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What is The FIERCE? An online source of news, interviews and reviews relating to female-driven projects across all entertainment and media platforms.

Why is it needed? There is a tsunami of calls from actors and other creatives for female-driven content. This is the place busy women can find information on the latest projects from Australia and around the world and which of the upcoming releases have fantastically female ingredients and who are the talents to watch.

If it’s about a woman does it matter if it’s made by a woman? Absolutely! Like any group of people how women tell their stories and perceive themselves is entirely different to how someone else would. The same way Woody Allen makes entirely different films to James Cameron, Katherine Bigelow and Jane Campion tell a story differently. No two female filmmakers see and do things the same way. More women need to start making a larger number of projects so there is a rich multi-dimensional representation of women in our media and entertainment

#MeToo and #TimesUP have made audiences more discerning, now The FIERCE dishes up what you want to know at a single destination.

What is the FIERCE Factor? The unique rating system we use to measure female input. A maximum of 8’F’s can be given. See it in use, in the latest reviews.

When a man tells a woman’s story It can be amazing, insightful and deeply moving. It can also set-up and perpetuate ridiculous inaccuracies about what it means to be female. We’re not anti-man, we just love a good movie/show/series and want the best bloody content make it onto screens and stages and want to provide a little transparency behind who made it.

Why The FIERCE? Because it defines how we feel about getting real stories about women made and seen by everyone, regardless of gender.

Definitions of Fierce:

Collins Dictionary: 2.?adjective

Fierce feelings or actions are very intense or enthusiastic, or involve great activity.

Cambridge Dictionary: B2 strong and powerful

INFORMAL approving looking confident and acting in a way that shows that you feel good about yourself and your appearance:

Merriam -Webster 3: furiously active or determined