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FIERCE Founder Shelley Lee

In late 2017 #MeToo and #TimesUp shone a spotlight on how women had been abused, exploited, even assaulted across many industries including media, screen and stage.

As survivors, celebrities, and commentators spoke out there was a tsunami of calls to get more women into senior creative and business roles in the entertainment industry.  This isn’t a new cause for me. I’ve been banging this drum for decades.

Raised by a strong single-mother, I was a feminist before I could spell the word and before the world tried to confuse my peers with nuanced definitions of what being a feminist meant. Feminism is about equality, and for me believing in something also means fighting for it.

A journalist since 2005 I’ve spent my career including my seven years as Entertainment Reporter at Sky News celebrating and supporting genuine and multi-dimensional representations of women. Watching the #TimesUp movement explode while on maternity leave with my son in 2017 made me even more committed to wanting audiences, regardless of the gender they identify with, to see more female perspectives in their media.

Female-driven content isn’t just for women. Girls seeing representations of themselves on the screen and stage is one part. Men; fathers, friends, brothers, partners and sons like mine getting broader perspective in their entertainment is also key.

Women can be leaders, villains, heroes, and absolutely drive their own narratives. Women can wrangle a multi-million-dollar distribution deal, nurture, teach, empower, network and I want to make sure these women are all visible in my son’s life.

I know I’m not alone here.  Audiences want to support female-driven entertainment.

The FIERCE is here to get you excited about what’s coming up and recognise female input into entertainment content.

Here’s how we make it easy for you: FIERCE FACTOR: The ‘F’s Given Rating System.

A very special shout out to all the FIERCE peeps who have supported, advised, contributed, consoled, and encouraged me in building this site. It’s been a labour of love, I hope you love it too.


Shelley x

Shelley Lee
The FIERCE Founder